The cost of the basic two-year theory and beginning speed-building course from January 2021 will be £3000, via a 3-month non-refundable deposit of £375 and thereafter monthly fees of £125, via standing order, from months four through 24 inclusive.  Should a student complete the basic two-year theory course referred to above before 24 months, the balance of fees is still due and payable.  The monthly instalment plan is a concession to enable students to fund their training. 

At the end of the two-year course, the follow-up speed-building, on a year-by-year plan, is £1260 per year, i.e., £105 per month, again payable by standing order.  Alternatively, for those who do not wish to commit to a 12-month agreement, I offer ad hoc 1:1 speed-building at £60 per hour.     

Students must give one calendar month’s notice in writing, or one month’s fee in lieu of notice, to withdraw from the course.  All loan equipment (if any) and tutorial books/digital audio recordings to be returned in good order with such notice and, upon such receipt, no more monthly fees will be payable.  Any refund of any fees paid in advance will be at the Principal’s discretion but would usually be for any full month of tutorial remaining after the expiry of any written notice and the return of all loan equipment/tutorial.  Students who complete the two-year payment plan for the basic theory skill/speed-building course are entitled to retain their tutorial books/digital audio recordings. 

For my UK-based students I provide the tutorial including all disks and digital audio recordings. 

Should you wish to continue to skill/speed-build on your own after the initial two-year course has concluded, digital audio speed-building, speed and stamina audios are available to purchase.