Online Tutorials

1:1s with Skype

From week one of the course we will be connecting via Skype at a time and frequency agreed between us.
You do not need any extra software. We send you a personal link, which you retain, to get in to time and time again.

At first this will be for one hour undertaking theory reinforcement, kept to the level that you have attained.
Later, once on to speed/skill-building we can increase these to two hour sessions beginning with some speed/skill-building and then moving on to the important testing.

As stated in the title these are the Principal, Mary Sorene, engaging with you, the student, one-to-one, with you sharing your screen, seeing your steno coming up, translating, in realtime. In that way I can see how you are keeping up with the speed-building so that I read at your pace as well as give hints as to briefs or outlines.

These sessions are recorded and supplied to you, via Dropbox, for you to try again, once the test passages have been marked.