Basic Theory

Basic theory will be undertaken using the computer tutorial to learn the fundamental concepts of stenography, including initial set-up, supervision and interaction by the Principal. Testing will be undertaken at regular intervals. Students/ participants should be prepared to be tested at all times so that reading back and checking notes become routine.

Students/participants will vary in the time taken to complete the basic and advanced theory. This will depend on the time devoted to training and, of course, the particular aptitude of the student/participant.

Ideally a minimum of four hours per day should be spent on the tutorial. It should be noted however, that frequent breaks should be taken (approximately 10 minutes in every hour) when working on the computer tutorial – as with all computer work.

The more effort put into the programme, the more the student/participant gets out of it and the sooner the skill is obtained. Students/participants studying full-time should aim to complete basic theory in four to five months. Note that these times are only a rough guide. Some students will progress at a faster rate and others at a slower one.